Fabric Warranty

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Fabric Warranty

Fabric Repairs

What we fix

Sofa frames
Broken frame parts
Upholstery re-springing
Webbing replacement
Zipper replacements
Foam enhancements
Replacement Mechanical & Electrical Components
Motion furniture (e.g., recliner mechanisms, cables, handsets)
Structural damage (e.g., creaking or broken frames)
Loss of resilience in foams and fiber
Refreshing or replacement of polyester fiber in cushions
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Fabric Repairs done right!
Spring repairs
Castor repairs
Furniture re-covering services
Replacement of foam seat cushions with various grades
On-site installations of new parts (when required)
Sewing Repairs

1yr Fabric Warranty

Full Comprehensive Cover x 12 Months Includes call out (NO HIDDEN FEES)

2yr Fabric Warranty

Full Comprehensive Cover x 24 Months Includes call out (NO HIDDEN FEES)

3yr Fabric Warranty

Full Comprehensive Cover x 36 Months Includes call out (NO HIDDEN FEES)

Expert Fabric Repair Services: Revive Your Furniture with the Furniture Warranties Group

Leading Furniture & Mobility Repair Specialists in the UK and Ireland Our team consists of fully trained upholsterers with the expertise to perform fabric repairs and upholstery services on a wide range of upholstery. This includes tasks like re-springing, replacing broken frame components, re-webbing, zipper replacements, foam enhancements, and necessary sewing work.

The majority of fabric repair and upholstery jobs are completed right on-site during the initial visit by our technicians. If, in rare cases, an on-site repair is not feasible, the furniture is carefully transported to our workshop. Our commitment is to reach out to customers within 4 hours of receiving a service request and dispatch a technician to initiate furniture repair, including upholstery, within 5 working days.


We handle a comprehensive range of structural issues, including addressing creaking or damaged frames, restoring resilience to foams and fibers, fixing springs, castors, and tending to motion furniture such as recliner mechanisms, cables, and handsets.

For added comfort, we offer options to replace foam seat cushions with either firmer or softer grades. Polyester fiber, commonly used in sofa back and seat cushions, can be refreshed or replaced to eliminate sagging caused by regular use. Additionally, we provide re-covering services for your furniture, giving your old pieces a fresh look without the need for disposal.

In cases requiring new parts, our technicians can perform on-site installations during a follow-up visit. Opting for part replacement is often a more cost-effective and convenient solution. It reduces the waiting time for replacements and minimises the risk of damage during delivery.

We specialise in repairing furniture directly in your home or on-site, including upholstery services, for your convenience.

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