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Expert Cabinet Repair Services by Furniture Warranties - UK & Ireland

Furniture Warranties boasts over 15 years of experience in cabinet repairs and wood table restoration, offering a friendly and professional service. Our comprehensive in-home restoration services cover the entire UK and Ireland. From addressing cosmetic blemishes to structural issues, Furniture Warranties has both you and your furniture covered.

Our expertise extends to the repair of frames, hinges, joints, legs, and various other cabinet-related concerns. We also possess the skill to perform cosmetic touch-ups on wood, effectively concealing surface imperfections such as scratches and dents on tables and cabinets. It’s important to note that all cabinet and wood repairs we provide are carried out directly in your home. Only in exceptionally rare cases will your furniture need to be transported to our central workshop for more extensive repairs.

If you’re dealing with damaged wooden floors, Furniture Warranties specialises in wood floor repairs, available across the entire UK. Our floor repair specialists utilise cutting-edge equipment equipped with dust extractors, allowing them to perform repairs more efficiently and leave your space cleaner.

Let’s elaborate on the range of services provided by Furniture Warranties:
  1. French Polishing: Our skilled craftsmen excel in the art of French polishing, a meticulous technique used to enhance the natural beauty of wood. This process involves applying layers of shellac to the wood surface, meticulously hand-polishing it to create a deep, lustrous finish. French polishing can transform worn or dull wood into a piece of furniture that exudes elegance and sophistication.

  2. Hinge Repair/Replacement: We are adept at repairing or replacing hinges on cabinets, ensuring that doors open and close smoothly and securely. This service not only restores functionality but also extends the lifespan of your cabinets.

  3. Colour Restoration: Over time, wood furniture may lose its original luster and color due to exposure to sunlight and wear. Our experts specialize in color restoration, reviving the rich, vibrant hues of your wooden pieces. Whether it’s a faded cabinet or table, we can bring back its original beauty.

  4. Wood Split Repairs: Wood splits and cracks can compromise the integrity and aesthetics of your furniture. Our craftsmen are skilled in repairing these imperfections, seamlessly restoring the wood’s structural integrity and appearance.

  5. Wooden Furniture Restoration: For antique or cherished wooden furniture that has seen better days, our restoration services breathe new life into these pieces. We carefully assess, repair, and restore each component to its original glory, ensuring that your furniture looks and functions as it once did.

  6. Antique Furniture Restoration: Antique furniture requires a delicate touch and an understanding of historical craftsmanship. We specialize in restoring antique pieces, preserving their unique character and value while addressing any structural or aesthetic issues.

  7. Wood Furniture Refinishing: Our refinishing services involve stripping away old finishes, repairing any damage, and applying new finishes to enhance the appearance and protection of your wooden furniture. This process can rejuvenate tired or damaged pieces, making them look like new.

  8. Wood Scratch Repair: Scratches and dents on wood surfaces are unsightly and can diminish the overall appeal of your furniture. Our experts are skilled at repairing these imperfections, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish that restores the beauty of your furniture.

  9. Sanding for Wood Floors: Wood floor maintenance is essential to preserve their longevity and appearance. Our wood floor specialists use professional-grade equipment fitted with dust extractors to sand and refinish wood floors. This process removes imperfections, restores the wood’s natural beauty, and leaves your floors looking stunning.

Each of these services is performed with precision and care, ensuring that your furniture and wood surfaces receive the attention and expertise they deserve. Whether you have a cabinet in need of repair, an antique treasure to restore, or wood floors that require refinishing, Furniture Warranties is your trusted partner for all your wood-related needs.


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